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Saturday, January 31, 2015  

Ready when you are - St. Anthony Hospital expands Emergency SevicesPublished 3/6/2011

by James Coburn
Staff Writer

Joben Rieth likes to build relationships, expand innovation and be on the cusp of progressive changes taking place as the director of the Emergency Services at St. Anthony Hospital, located in midtown Oklahoma City.
St. Anthony is adding eight more beds for a Vascular Heart ER to be at opposite end of the hospital on the north side with eight beds. The addition to Emergency Care Services is set to open in May or June.
It’s really focused more on all the cardiac issues,” said Rieth, RN.
St. Anthony Hospital is a 686-bed tertiary care facility specializing in surgery, oncology, cardiology and behavioral medicine. The hospital is the location of the first InQuickER site in the state and fifth in the nation.
The Department includes five-fast track beds which resembles a clinic being staffed 16 hours a day while staffed by two nurses and a secretary. The main ER presently includes 15 rooms with beds as well as bay area with four additional beds.
“We’re in the plans of adding a new wing to the hospital,” Rieth continued. “By 2013, we’ll add a new ER to the bottom level and the next two floors will be new ICUs.”
Oklahoma does not have any free-standing emergency rooms, Rieth said. But it will. St. Anthony has also broke ground for two free standing ERs in Oklahoma City with 13 beds each.
“We’re looking to open up in December,” Rieth said.
New floors and counters have been added to the existing Emergency Department’s remodeling process. Rieth said emergency medicine also allows nurses to see some patients coming back to a hospital.
“We start to build that relationship in a different way than we would on a med/surg floor,” he said. “Emergency medicine; I like the speed of it. It is busy. This ER was built for about 80 to 100 patients a day. Now we’re seeing about 180 a day.”
The hospital will hire 15 more nurses to handle the patient flow for the additional eight beds. The nursing staff currently employs about 80 nurses.
“They need to be positive, friendly and really be here for the reason of being a nurse; to take care of their patients,” Rieth said. He discusses team work with prospective staff.
“It’s not an I, it’s a we,” he said. “I’m a very hands-on director. I’m always out in the ER. I get here early and stay late.”
Team bonding sessions are part of meetings and Rieth will also take his charge nurses to an early breakfast to discuss helping the team.
Rieth earned a Bachelor’s of Animal and Natural Science from Oklahoma State University, a nursing degree from Oklahoma State University and a MBA from Southern Nazarene University.
Rieth’s seven years of experience at St. Anthony includes; ICU staff nurse, ICU charge nurse, 4SE, central monitor room. 8ECT, and wound care nurse manager.
Rieth has monthly meeting to review how quickly patients are admitted to the Emergency Department. The addition of the InQuickER program to St. Anthony has allowed for some patients to plan ahead for being received in emergency care.
“You can go to InQuickER.com and register or you can go to saintsok.com and register,” Rieth said.
 “What that means is you can go on to one of those Web sites and you can look and see when the next appointment is to come into our ER.’
There is a two-hour window between the next appointments. However, Rieth said a rapid response is necessary when the staff learns a patient needs immediate life-saving care.
“It’s a great system. The most we saw in a week through InQuickER was 74,” Rieth said.

Joben Rieth, RN, serves as director of Emergency Services at St. Anthony Hospital, located in Oklahoma City.
Joben Rieth, RN, serves as director of Emergency Services at St. Anthony Hospital, located in Oklahoma City.
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